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Face Coverings

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson mandated face coverings for all Arkansans age 10 and over. To add an extra layer of protection for our elementary students/staff we are extending it to all students.

 All students in grades K-12 attending on-campus classes or being transported by District transportation services are required to wear a face covering until further notice.

 These face covers can be removed for the following reasons:

  • The student is participating in athletic activities where a six feet distance is not achievable but a mask is inhibitory to the activity or active exercise. 
  • The student is consuming food or drink.  
  •  The student is participating in a scheduled "mask break" designated by a teacher and/or staff member.
  • The student has a medical diagnosis that prevents wearing a face covering; Physician documentation is required. 


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Kindergarten Start Date

Students in grades 1-12 will begin the school year on Monday, August 24, 2020. Kindergarten students will begin on Wednesday August 26, 2020. This will give us two days to get students in grades 1-4 acclimated to the new procedures prior to the arrival of the kindergarten students.