Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry

Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry

No child should be left hungry during the holidays. Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Circle Farms, Razorback Archery, and the local Walmart are making certain it doesn’t happen! 

Highland School District provides backpacks throughout the year to children who need more food on the weekends and throughout the week. We take donations all year long. One special donation came this week. 

Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry is an organization whose purpose is to “share the harvest of an abundant resource with Arkansans who are hungry.” They take donations of deer and turn them into snack sticks similar to the round beef jerky sticks. 

They donated the first 2000 snack sticks this week and will follow up with 1500-2000 more, later in the year. We are excited that we were able to get these out in time for Christmas break.

Would you like to help? Donate a whole deer or a portion of a deer at Razorback Archery. Not a hunter? Visit to donate directly.

These snack sticks provide a much needed FREE, low fat, high protein food source to the many feeding agencies and organizations across Arkansas. They also create a “Provider Purpose” for hunters who participate, allowing them to give back and share their blessings with others. AHFH also partners with the Game and Fish Commission in order to provide a solution for a healthy, balanced deer herd.

Pictured are Ronnie Ritter Executive Director of Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry; Seani Gibson of Razorback Archery; Amy Clay-Thomas, Katie Clay-Thomas, and Renee Clay-Circle of Circle Farms; Nathan Circle of both Circle Farms and Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry; Nancy French, Leta Morris and Kathy Booth who coordinate the backpack programs for Highland Schools; and Mr. Sharp Highland Superintendent