Rebel Pride Clothing and Food Room

Highland provides access to food, clothing and personal hygiene items for students. 

Inspired by the Student Council's theme "Revive Our Pride",  Beta Club celebrated Beta Founder's Day by providing members an opportunity to do some good on the school campus.   

Several Beta Club members helped school nurse, Nancy French and a volunteer, Karen Nicholson, with the organization of the Rebel Pride Closet and Food Pantry.

The Rebel Pride Closet and Food Pantry houses clothing items ranging from sweats and jeans to business attire and prom dresses. It is about more than just clothing though. There are many canned food items, personal hygiene items, shoes, and other miscellaneous items that may be needed by students.

Students can access the closet by reaching out to French who can help fulfill their needs. French sends food home each weekend to provide for 32 students.

The school also provides a community disbursement for parents of students and plans to provide a mix of canned vegetables prior to Thanksgiving on Nov. 12 and prior to Christmas on Dec. 10.  The disbursement will begin after school dismisses and lasts until 4:30 p.m. on those dates.