Millage Update

Highland School District has proposed a rededication of our existing millage. The vote will be held Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

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Q: When is the 2020 Special Election?

A: The 2020 Special Election will be held Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

Q: Is there a request for an increase in the total millage rate?

A: No, the District is only requesting to extend the current 5.0 debt service mills. The millage will remain at the current 30.0. Therefore no tax increase will occur.

Q: What is the purpose of extending the millage?

A: To provide a great education to the students of Highland School District in an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning.

Q: How many Arkansas schools have a lower millage than Highland?

A: Two - only two schools in the entire state have a lower tax rate than the Highland School District. They are Mountain View and Lee County(Marianna).  

Q: How many Arkansas schools have a higher millage than Highland?

A: In Arkansas, 230 schools have a higher millage. This equates to over 98% of other Arkansas schools having a higher millage than the Highland School District.

Q: If it passes, where would this place the District in comparison to other Arkansas schools?

A: If the millage passes, 98% of other Arkansas schools will still have a higher millage rate than Highland.

Q: How does the District compare to the state average?

A: The District is currently at 30.0 mills. The state average as of the 2018 election is 38.53 mills. Highland School District would remain well below the state average.

Q: How does the District’s current millage rate compare to other school districts with approximately the same assessed valuation and student enrollment?

2018 2018 2018/19
County District Assessment Millage Enrollment
Benton Gentry 179,724,685 46.00 1,447
Franklin Ozark 175,380,678 38.50 1764
Polk Mena 160,058,504 35.90 1709
Sharp Highland 174,006,794 30.00 1619

Q: How does the District’s current millage rate compare to other school districts in the surrounding area?

County District 2018 Assessment 2018 Millage 2018/19 Enrollment
Izard Calico Rock 37,205,508 42.30 372
Fulton Viola 42,603,930 40.62 374
Sharp Cave City 76,319,409 39.00 1196
Izard Melbourne 88,570,356 38.22 848
Lawrence Sloan Hendrix 46,098,576 36.93 709
Izard Izard County Consolidated 55,728,635 36.00 504
Lawrence Hillcrest 45,412,863 35.90 413
Fulton Mammoth Spring 42,645,095 35.00 459
Fulton Salem 50,724,321 31.50 846
Sharp Highland 174,006,794 30.00 1619